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I am BlockCat. I am a master student at Utrecht University, currently studying Computing Science.

This site was made by me, mainly to host projects. These projects will mainly include personal projects. But I guess some other might appear too one day.

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Angular2 Boilerplate code

Running example

I started learning Angular2 because I like doing webdevelopment. I think a webapplication should be split into two things: 'frontend' and 'backend'. Sure that might sound like what anyone else is saying, and it is. I've tried codeigniter and Razor along with dotnet, and I'll tell you that I didn't really like it. Merging the frontend and backend just didn't feel right, I might have done something wrong though.

I came to the conclusion that the backend and frontend should be entirely separated. Different projects. I thought that having a standalone backend server would make it possible to easily create webapplications, smartphone applications and desktop applications. All communicating with the same server. These feelings of mine still need to be proven, since I've never actually finished a project.

For the frontend I first tried React. It was nice, but I really disliked Redux. Partly because I never gave it the time it deserves. Now I arrived at Angular2.

I made this quick boilerplate so that I could quickly start new Angular2 projects...

EVIC Eve iCal

Synchronizing the EVE ingame calendar with real life calendars using the iCal format.

Hooray now I can waste my life even more.

eMail synchronization coming probably too, wouldn't hold your breath.